30 September 2015

Dennis Smalley - Pneuma

I like the way this sucks and wheezes. It reminds me of my future. One day, I'll be at a bus stop and this will be the last sound I make. I'm looking forward to it.

28 September 2015

Roots of Goa trance (2)

This was something that fascinated me a while ago. Still fascinates me. Uchronie never really took off, though.

I need some people.

The thing is, the essay I linked to in the above post has a related sub/sur-Acid mix and that mix is now here. It's currently sound-tracking some marking of essays related to the Cognitive Approach and seems fairly apposite.


12 September 2015

3 Candidates & a Broken20 Robot

To coincide:

From the good people at Broken20 who we've been championing at the bit since the early days of this blog. This about nails it, I think. It would be nice to see the companion track (if it exists), Corbyn bathed in warm light, Boards of Canada smoothness, gentle Ghost Box hues, a lulling McKenna voice, telling us what we need to hear & maybe, perhaps perhaps perhaps even believing it.

CBK ROBOTS from Broken Twenty on Vimeo.

I like Burnham bot best. The real Andy Burnham.

03 August 2015

You Have The Power

Or maybe you don't.

31 July 2015

Laura Cannell - Beneath Swooping Talons

Well, I don't know anything about musical theory. Not really. I know some of the words associated with musical theory, enough to know what i like, what to look out for, but I don't pretend to understand the meaning of those words, or even how they make a difference. Music for me is a distraction and an emotional entanglement; it might develop some fascinating psychological / philosophical theme but it's rarely a theme in itself. It's much better felt than understood and this is how I approach this little bit of magical (un)realism; the sawbones and drones and the Tudor piping might be a sonic portal, she might have an eye on the sky or the ground or the flesh and bones of nature but, for me, this is the music of dinosaurs dancing.

I'd better explain.

An awful lot of my listening takes place in two ways: the commute to work; and playing with my four-year old kid. Yeah, I occasionally get out to gigs or take strolls alone in the woods (yeah, right) but, mostly, if I'm listening at home it's not alone at night, it's in the early morning and it's soundtracking some terrible multi-car pile up, some awful lego cybercrime, a recreation of the bovine spongiform crisis or, as in this case, a re-enactment of the (entirely imagined) plotline of Jurassic World. You know, the bits where the dinosaurs get a bit crazy because the owner of Jurassic World has the wrong shoes on and start to dance like it's the festival of St Vitus and then everything goes dark and the baby triceratops gets its face eaten off and the spinosaurus goes on a rampage because a food van has wandered into the prehistoric jungle...

Laura Cannell should soundtrack the next Jurassic film, no question. Her music is a beautifully judged Rorschach, a Projective Test and you can imagine it working with anything. It glues itself around the scene without enveloping it, it blends in with the environment despite not being at all ambient (I think Abis Bliss mentions visceral in her review in The Wire and there is viscera here but it doesn't slap its entrails across your face... it's red and wet but it doesn't try to impose itself on you, doesn't try to be all-encompassing. It's stately and heartfelt but it doesn't seem to need to keep reminding you).

There's probably theory yelling out at some people, Laura has been playing with some heavyweight beacons (plus eternal lightweights like Hacker Farm and Ekoplekz and Kemper Norton) and clearly has a plan for her music but the fantastic thing about this release is that she wears her excellence incredibly lightly and this lets all kinds of people in. You put images in front of her music and there's going to be movement between the parties. Her music gives as much as it takes. There may well be meticulous reconstructions of Hildegard Von Bingen here but here Hilde is on a lovely bender and she may have lost all her friends when she forgot to meet them at the Cider Bus and she may have taken all the wrong spiritual supplements but she's having a wonderful time anyway. Of course she is.

And it's very... dancey.

The woodwinds especially. She's playing two at a time here, a la Roland Rahsaan Kirk (ok, I'm cribbing this from the press release) and the effect is very... moving. Dinosaurs jig and they can jig in time to this. There's a mutability to this which separates it from stuff that sounds superficially similar - the drones are spiritual in the sense of bliss and twirling, the recorders are playing a slow jaunt; couples are circling, dinosaurs are yelling out in abstracted vowel sounds, the sunlight is pouring in through the windows, the volcanoes are bubbling. Over there, someone has fallen into the lava, not far away an adventurer is trying to buy a hotdog from a fast-moving food truck, pursued by s whole herd of stegosauruses...

This is timeless stuff and we're playing it again tomorrow, no matter what we end up doing. You can trust in this music.

Buy it here.

09 July 2015

Xpylon is soon to be

It's a long storm / story, one that has seen IX Tab and many others rocked and rolled but... in amongst the sturm and drang, a little ship on massive waves...

Lots of friends and inter-relations here and lots of exceptional music and all entirely for a good cause. It would be daft as a bucket not to salve your conscience by buying into this little fellah. It even features a brand new / utterly DNA-altered IX Tab track which could well be the best thing I've ever done...

It's the price of a coffee and a couple of dodgy Es.

Or four large pieces of liver.

Or enough Armenian ammunition to kill a herd of deer.

Or a pack and a half of fags.


As Alan Partridge says: Join Us.

01 May 2015

Drone Vandalism

It's coming. It's not in the trees.

The first drone vandalism appears and will be followed. Will accelerate. Drone everything. Music. Art. Drama.

The Age Of The Drone has been on us for a while now. This doesn't change everything but it does change something.

A Stockhausen Drone Symphony. Get him back from wherever he is now.

23 April 2015

Paul McCartney's Temporary Secretary

For one thing, it isn't proto techno, drum n bass or anything like that. People keep telling me it is (those people, always telling) and I keep listening to hear whatever it is they're hearing but... no. Just a regular, pretty weak, McCartney song with bleeps and bloops over it... smeared, making dogs of us all. There's nothing technological, nothing experimental here. You're not thinking it through. McCartney as true innovator of The Beatles is a well-worn narrative - yes but Stockhausen! yes but Delia Derbyshire! yes but hitting a piano with a mallet! - but 1) it's really boring and 2) so is almost everything about The Beatles. I can't even be bothered to hate them.

But this attempt to make Macca a part of something he's not is just... intolerable... go back to the sing-a-long-a-ding-dong ditties Sir Paul, go back to the Olympics, the Queen... just, er, Get Back

And the actual lyrics of this monstrosity: Jesus. I mean, you may not care if she's a belly dancer or whatever Sir Paul but she could be, you know, a, er, he that you're employing on what we can only assume is a proto-zero hours contract.

So maybe he is an innovator, after all.

06 April 2015

Paper Dollhouse - Helios

Little bit done with dark electronica at the moment (I'll probably be back to it) but this seems to work in ways lots of other stuff only thinks it works... Gently massive, windswept and propulsive. You feel this isn't music that is attempting to jump on some Haxan Cloak Cloacal / Coat t(r)ail (itself a very long train of well-trodden chords of dooooooom); but that exists because it just happens to be the sounds that swim around their heads... the only kind of music worth listening to, the only kind that really is music...

28 March 2015

Spindle & The Bregnut Tree

I really can't see that anyone much would be interested (it sold a fair few for this kind of thing, I thought) but the first IX Tab album is now available to download via Bandcamp... i'm not convinced at this model, seems a little wrong in someway I can't quite finger but it's a way of getting it out there to anyone who missed out the first time round and I've made it pretty cheap, i think... thinking of maybe putting some other misplaced odds and ends up there, as well...

we'll see...

here's the link


This has something to do with Kek, who's always up to something... you ought to watch him... there's something meta-fictional perhaps, or a slight/sleight of hand... Hacker Farm may have imploded a little (my fave label, now my fave band... it's been an odd year) but they live on...

I hear Farmer Glitch is up to stuff too at the Colston Hall... more info on that soon...

23 March 2015

Palmbomen II

Like Opera posters, album intros are creeping into life as a culture in themselves, somehow distinct from the performance they're referring to. My head feels like a bucket of cumin right now so I can't even begin to think of the triple entendre of meaning that streams from this - Gold Blend advert as soap between soaps etc etc - and add in every media theory from the 40s onwards but... it seems that the slow democratization of PR is now in full force. The means of (post) production are not yet in the hands of the proletariat (consider: Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify etc) but at least...

Oh I dunno. I thought this was cute and scary and it made me want to go and check out the album

There's more posted over at 20 Jazz Funk Greats

13 March 2015

A Sprinkling Of Clouds (RIP Daevid Allen)

Okay, this is perhaps a Gong record which better exemplifies the Steve Hillage element but it's my favourite Gong thing and the track I play most now and the Gong track that has stayed with me for the 25+ (Crikey!) years since I heard it... without this, lots of the music of my youth would have been impossible to hear... Must have seen Gong ten times or more over the years (often accidentally) and they suffuse the area(s) where I spent most of my time as a kid. Gong are in the air...

Plus, the first time I met Kemper Norton and heard his actual name I thought he was a reincarnation of some kind (I was a little wasted) and... I wasn't wrong, really.


10 March 2015

Me in Psychick TV 3 or 4 or...

I have no recollection of this. Or that hair. Actually, I do kind of remember that hair. The only time I met Genesis P Orridge he didn't look anything like this and he tried to get me and a mate thrown out of a gig because we'd accidentally snuck in through the changing rooms.

20 February 2015


Been digging this guy's stuff.

It's like some other things, I guess... But better. Feels very heartfelt. There's no irony. Like it... Aesthetics properly felt, as Hume might say.*

*Hume wouldn't say that.

27 November 2014


There's no way I could have known...

20 November 2014

Aphex & Me & the Myth of the Home-made Synth Genius

...I didn't believe it when Aphex pretended to make all his synths himself and never use pre-set sounds (i'd heard those sounds before and so had most of you; just because other people hadn't didn't make it true). And I didn't love Aphex Twin any less because he was playing that maverick eccentric gambit - he came from the West Country, we all need to use that, even those of us who are pretending (to ourselves) not to (especially us). He is probably a bit eccentric but not as eccentric as all those true West Country loons who couldn't get near a record release, who couldn't even get into a home studio, who really do live with a kind of twisted genius that malforms them but will never result in a box-set on Warp or even an album on Twiggwytch. I'm a (relatively) stable, family-man Philosophy lecturer living in a vaguely middle-class area in a County town and my life is chaotic enough to get in the way of my genius... Lol

But it's a nice myth, a nice lie and there's always going to be enough people who want it to be true... some of them might take a train to the West Country sometimes, when it's hot.

It worked for Aphex but he was still, if not lying, then elaborating. I doubt he made an album out of lucid dreaming but perhaps (like many of us) he partly dreamed a tune or an idea that later he formed into something else. He has dreams, maybe some of them are lucid. Most of my IX Tab tracks come from me just mumbling to myself in half-dream light, on buses, walking in the rain. It's why I think of them as songs, though I know Nick Ekoplekz laughs at that. They could be dreams and maybe some of them are.

I remember an interview where Aphex pretended not to use samples in his music and I remember us discussing how cool that was, how off the wall, how maverick - actually, I don't; we didn't even think about it. Samples were cool (we were still getting over Throbbing Gristle or the JAMMs or MAARS), they gave us access to music-making which we couldn't possibly access otherwise... there was no chance of us having enough spare cash to buy even a broken synth or the bits to make a synth... samples were everything...

But, actually, this isn't about bashing Aphex Twin because I love his music and IX Tab definitely owes a lot to his myth-making.I'm using him to get your attention, as an Aphex blimp.

This is really about how many artists seem to be adding this kind of sentence to their profiles and album descriptors:

"...using a X some Y and a increasing array of 'antique' instruments and 'found sounds' and 'field recordings' and 'home-made' synths"

Where X = expensive modular kit

Where y = Other expensive kit

and 'antique' means 'expensive' and 'not used at all, except in photos'

and 'found sounds' means 'found on the internet'

and 'field recordings means 'found on the internet'

and 'home-made' syths means shop-bought and then joined together with leads.

And I know that Prog etc is deemed ok (it still isn't okay, even if it's on the Freak Zone) but Tangerine Dream, Cluster etc excepted... surely people remembered how fucking classist those synthfuckers became before the technology got cheap again? You don't want that to happen again?

I'm digressing. I'm particularly after the shoehorned thrift, the carefully modulated Kirsty Allsopp-saturated nature of 'home-made'.

Everyone's at it, even those people who you know are doing most of their 'composing' in a Mac or in a massive room full of expensive synths. They want a Radiophonic illusion. They want to pretend that they're cutting up bits of tape or having to strangle their instruments to make those noises. They want everything to seem like a dream of tangled wires. They are trying to avoid their genius having an Apple 'i' in front of it.

I know the feeling. IX Tab's music is made mostly in a Mac, with added bits of iPad and iPhone synthesiser and the additional theoretically-cheap-but-actually-pretty-expensive-when-you-think-about-it bits of stuff made mostly by Korg.

And it really is all you need. It's Lou's two chords. I'm thinking of pretending that isn't how I make my stuff. I'm thinking of pretending that there's at least a few Soviet-made hand-cranked synths in there...

Actually, even that is a lie. In fact, I'm thinking of going the other way; making tracks that only use presets. There's so many ways these things can be opened up.

Now, of course, some of this is undoubtedly the fault of Hacker Farm and Ekoplekz, who are closer than most to the archetype of the maverick, who do transcend expectations, who play with wires and wood... but even those guys feed the myth-monster and the Myth Monster itself is co-opting them, making their music about the method, making you hear things you're not really hearing. I love their music but I love it because it sounds great, I honestly don't care how it's made and never have. That seems circumstantial, even redundant (maybe not to them). They sound great, they have great musical ideas. They do stuff that sometimes goes wrong, often goes brilliantly right. I don't know how their stuff is made but I'd guess it's not quite the same as their visual representation which, of course, comes from them to begin with but is then ravaged and run by... Others.

I'm suspicious of the others.

The Myth is taking them on, gaining a head of steam(punk). It wants us all for its children. We are only a few tiny steps away from an odd becoming, where this kind of thing happens... It can't be long before we see Bono with a 'home-made' synth, the Edge playing a monotron and guitar pedals... Is that Taylor Swift playing a vintage Wasp? Taping down the keys like she's on Come Org? I think I just saw Mylene Klass on the Celebrity Bake Off wearing a I Dream Of Wires t-shirt...

You see, it doesn't even have to be a lie to become a lie.

"They're selling hippy wigs in Woolworths"

I don't know where I'm going with any of this. I think I'm trying to fight my way out of a bag that I'm not even sure I'm in.

27 October 2014

IX Tab - Dance Dance Dance

IX Tab loves you all.

22 October 2014

Gately / Blixa

which reminds me a little of the section of this:

where everything turns into a Blixa voice and his hums and errs and become orchestral sweeps, slow pulses, traces of guitars, just traces...

(these shots of the sleevenotes from here)

and, of course, bees...

14 October 2014

Buckets of Stuff

Buckets of stuff, great stuff out there... and it just keeps coming. There's an ocean, a slew of new releases (mine is one, mine is one! IX Tab is coming, IX Tab is coming!) that keep things interesting and keep things frighteningly NOW... this is an exciting time folks; a time when everywhere you look (and plenty of places you probably don't) there's something going on, some product to latch onto... everyone's making stuff and it's all stupidly, annoyingly, fantastically essential...

I'm at a space now when I almost want to find something a little dull; something that fails to hold my interest but everything I settle to seems to spark a new vein. I'm like a Leibnizian sculptor, finding AHA! moments everywhere at the moment, finding Hercules inside the marble block, waiting to come out...

For instance, the latest Kemper Norton, Loor, is exactly where you'd want Kemper to go if you'd listened to his releases as they've developed over the years. I think I'm his first fan, heard (t)his stuff back when he was too shy to let it out, back when we all where, even Nick Ekoplekz*. Loor gives us a little insight into Kemper's acid past; just a little insight; he's hardly Astralasia or Shpongle but... there's a little of that creeping in, a kind of trace that now seems associated with Lee Gamble or V/VM or someone but is really just associated, in every sense of the word. He's fucking with folk still, of course and even if he's making slurtronic a thing; Fucked-folk is what I'm always going to call it because, if anything, the great thing about Kemper Norton is that he came late to folk (from afar, from Prog, from Prince, from Coil) and clearly doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing with it. Highest praise ever, in my book. Christ, as if we need more folk experts.

He's a revivalist, I suppose but he clearly has no clue what to revive and so meshes with the folk ingredients and sprays shit everywhere. This is, of course, Folk in it's purest sense because it is engaging with the tiny worlds of actual folk and it works so beautifully because it's utterly transparent that, well...

He's doing it wrong.

And how wonderful it is to be wrong; Loor is worth going back to and going with. It's a calling and a call-out. All Through The Night. If you need to spend your pennies then you will do much worse.

fizzle, crack...

And then there's Hacker Farm, who have a suddenly bewildering amount of stuff out... now these guys are mates too but the tape they released on Feral Debris is just perfect; distilling every performance I've seen them play into two sweeping sides of sometimes awkward, off, sometimes beautiful electronics... with spoken words and whooshes and bleeps that out-think and outrun all the tapes you bought in the 80s that wanted to be this one...

Silver Street is typical by not being:

They're doing it wrong too

Hacker Farm are the nonPop That Eats Itself; a conscious headshake at all that's good and proper and neat. I really love the line from Kek apropos the Crass In Africa Cd:

In 2012, the groups Hacker Farm and Libbe Matz Gang were offered the chance to score a new soundtrack for the 1922 film Haxan, which was to be screened at a small underground festival in London. The groups both declined the invitation, reasoning that rescoring Haxan was lame, boring and careerist – the sort of thing a black turtleneck sweater-wearing group would do.

Because, really, rescoring Haxan is perfectly, unambiguously a lame thing to do, unless you intend to rescore it and then invite your mates around to watch and then make them all take part in a cleansing / summoning ritual, which ends up in some fugged West Country lyncanthropic deluge of skin and hair and eyes and a whole new appreciation of how to destroy angels (yeah, in every sense, even the Reznor one).

So, yeah, I love these guys and the fact that they're doing every fucking thing wrong and the fact that one day there'll be lots of people pretending they were really into Hacker Farm back in the day (I'm getting my pretence in early - hate this shit but, man, it's cool!)

And, of course, back in the day isn't ever possible and they know it and this is really what Hacker Farm is all about... occasionally there's glimpses in their work: Faust, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Factrix, Plastikman, whatever but there's never a hint that this is knowing and the music is very much theirs, before it is ours... a wonderful thing in this whorl of platitudes and harbouring and currying favour and wishing.

Hacker Farm keep giving. Suck it all in folks...

crackle crackle fizz

and there's more coming... great stuff exuding from Libertatia Overseas Trading (enjoying the dementoes of Degenerate Waves, for instance, which rolls and hums in all the right places and seems to find new organs to grind on every listen - it's also got my favourite sleeve art for a long time; silly, tragic and disturbing and immediately redolent of a very long presentation I was given about Health and Safety in Dry Cleaning... we didn't invest.

and kind of Hacker-related there's also a great album by Concrete/Field which intersects all kinds of interests and almost sounds like stuff you'll have and like but somehow does them better and deeper and with a real sense of being behind it; these waves won't just sweep right through you, they'll try and be you for a little while and then they'll try and show you something interesting and then they'll sweep you away again...

This is music, then, that sounds like places but places where humans have been, sound trails of where things have lived and played... not in a Stone Tape way, not remotely hauntological** but in a... oh for God's sake, it's not that dear; buy something for someone you love or, if you really can't afford it, write in and engage and some fucker will sort you out... this is a community and the product is the process is the product... these are real, beautiful things made by real and beautiful people and engagement of any sort is all they are asking...

Have to say, the way this is recorded is lovely too... really wish I could get IX Tab to sound so pristine. Nurse, I need more power...

And more and more and more. I've got stacks of stuff I haven't properly listened to yet so don't want to comment on but will comment on because it needs to be out and about and needs to be heard by everyone, perhaps, or else just kept, hooked, in these brilliant little circles of influence...

*who now releases like he's going to die soon (really hope that isn't true, Nick!) and just keeps making and making and playing and playing and getting better and better at most turns he takes and must be near to a bona fide superstar these days and I feel bad about not mentioning his records and performances more but there's just so much I've already written about him and I'm waiting to hate something he does so I can write something different... :) Okay, that's probably not going to happen... He's come a long way and yet a lot of his stuff is as raw and bloodied now as it was when it was just a little CDR sent to mates...

**and on that note there's a CD coming from Concretism, who works in a pretty strictly hauntological vein but does so in such a perfect way that his music feels completely right. I understand that most of the stuff I've been rambling implies I don't like right but I guess that isn't quite all the picture because I love the music that hauntology loves and Concretism gets it beautifully; adding a slight new to the very old and thus bringing the old back into focus... i.e. does what hauntology is expected to do in a way that most of this genre no longer does. It never feels like pastiche, always feels like it's meant and felt. Incorrigible, as Hume would say. More on this when a CD happens because I can't really be done with downloads only. Give me the thing, the product, the artefact, the artwork. I need to feel you.

22 September 2014


and the stuff keeps coming and this sort of reminds me of the funked karate music that Kek put out on his 19F3 label a while back (which I'm now going to go and listen to again because it might be nothing like that at all, just that same old Gaussian blur messing with my smudges) but I'm not even sure that there's anything here and that remains intriguing, if only for a while because an absence in the Sartrean sense seems to mean SOMETHING in moments where everything HAS TO HAVE SOMETHING, some, er, X-Factor...

Plus, there's an interesting article by Philip Sherburne at Pitchfork of all places

plus there's the GFOTY instagram ( just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? )

15 September 2014

Simon Reynolds on QT / Messing With Kitsch

completely agree…

I thought this when Jame Ferraro went too far… you could almost feel that he’d looked too long and hard at this stuff… the kitsch had won; was no longer ironicized… couldn’t be…

Here's that piece...

and I’ve tried with vapourwave, I really have because it seemed like a nowish genre and some excellent writers were wrangling with it and seeing it in a way that seemed interesting.. but then, before I was even properly looking, it very quickly it ate itself, as the poppies said it would...

vapourwave is the new punk etc

the fact that it's a Wave as well as a vapour is telling, of course.

Because messing with kitsch is like trying to be a revolutionary capitalist; flawed in its very conception and so tempting and apparently so easy to stand aloof and giggle as the waves crush over you; the sea smelling so good, so fresh, so Coke...

The funny thing is, I probably will keep trying with vapourwave for reasons that make me feel ill thinking about them. I'll keep at it and I won't get it until... well, I give it four or five years and I'll find an old hardrive full of vapourcrap that I've downloaded and no doubt then I'll flashbulb memory my self into it again and laugh at my childishness: a retro future retro future... same with Hauntology (Kek removes the a): the then sound of now which is bound for Rough Trade compilations, for features in Record Collector (those Ghost Box sleeves!), for Q Magazine astral travelling...

This is not to say... anything. We've been here long before:

and Can's ethnological forgery is now a new kind of ethnic forgery. Or, rather, the old kind, given a new set of tropes. No doubt j-pop(will eat itself) will be not looking at this stuff and just carrying on because here it is not old-school or new school but (more or less literally) school and already has its commentary as its product, with no distance and (perhaps) little irony or attempt at persuasion.

And on and on...

How to just make sound?

How to just make sound?

How to just make sound?

08 September 2014

Prayer To Ixtab (not IX Tab)

This has nothing to do with my IX Tab but I like it...
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